About Us

Singapore is probably the last place you would expect craftsmen and artisans. After all, in a hyper-practical society without natural resources to fuel any craftsmen work, one would be hard-pressed to find quality woodwork locally.The World Rosewood Pte Ltd seeks to change this mindset, taking the bespoke woodcraft furniture scene by storm!



A rather unique beginning, The World Rosewood Pte Ltd started with the setting up of a factory in Shenzhen, China, in 1993. The factory manufactured various designs of furniture using Rosewood and Blackwood as the main material. The pieces are then exported and distributed to various furniture distributors. With the high demand for their products, Mr & Mrs Simon Pang decided to set up a showroom on Upper Paya Lebar Road in 1996. Despite the high demand for quality woodwork when they first started out, a lack of brand awareness, followed by an unfortunate financial crisis in 1997 saw a drop in the interests of local buyers and a gradual dip in sales. To pull out of this slump, the innovative couple sought to diversify their scope of services to include refurbishing of antique furniture. Growing a reputation in that space of time has led them to realize the evolving sensibilities of their clients, pushing a movement to add modern touches to the traditional woodcraft and design.

Traditionally, these units would comprise entirely of wood, adorned only with carvings. By adding oyster pearl into designs, the works are transformed from monotone furniture into statement pieces. Imported from New Zealand, Australia, Taiwan, and Hainan, these ornaments add an explosion of color to the dark colored wood. In 2009, they included rosewood carpentry services, with custom made options available. Ordaining living, dining, bedroom, and kitchen space of Singaporeans, they have also taken their products into the commercial space, furnished conference rooms with a touch of class. Their reputation continues to spread across borders, even to countries like India and Indonesia, impressive considering the number of woodworks which are already present in both countries. Looking closely at their target market, the duo intends to further their business abroad. Though they have captured part of the Asian market, they plan to focus on European and other Western countries through fairs, exhibitions to gain exposure and export their products to a larger part of the world.